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EMpire Ridge Ranch

How May We Help You?

How May We Help You?

Puppies, Adults, Beginner through advanced. We have lots of fun classes available.

Barnhunt, Canine Parkour, Stock dog, Tricks, and much more


Shy dog? Over enthusiastic dog? Leash pulling? Barking at strangers?

We offer multiple training options to help solve your dog's problem behaviors


Want to do an online course that is fully supported with one-on-one training via text or messenger?

Check out our new Online Course options.


We train herding dogs! If you have a herding breed (or mix) and would like to see what herding is all about we'd love to meet you!

We offer stock dog mini camps and one-on-one private herding training September through June


Sometimes you don't what the best fit for your dog is, and that's why we're here. Call us, text us, email (though please check your spam for our reply - sometimes email gets eaten), Facebook Messenger. We try to answer as soon as we can. 


We're dog geeks, and we hope you are too! We have an online subscription for people who find dogs as fascinating and amazing as we do!


Want more? Check out the podcast we co-host, our blog, and our social media pages. Get to know us.

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