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Gold Program

Limited, invitation-only sports program

We are excited to be offering our Gold Program again for 2024. This program is only available once a year to five dog/ pet parent teams (this includes teams rolling over from 2023 which will have first right of refusal)

How do you know if this program is for you and your dog?

Your dog does not have any behavioral issues (shyness, aggression, etc... We address these with our other programs)

You have sports goals that you would like to achieve in 2024 - It doesn't matter what they are (except agility, We do not offer competitive agility)

You want one on one and targeted group sessions designed to help you and your dog attain your goals.

You have a fairly flexible schedule.

You must be approved for this program!


Does it work?

2023 dog/handler teams earned: Three titles (as of Nov1 - the show season is just starting, we expect two more before the year is out.)

6 First place ribbons

2 second place ribbons

2 second place ribbons

A likely invitation to AKC Rally Nationals

How it works:

a year's worth of private and targeted semi-private sessions directed towards your goals.

All classes 50% off

Drop-ins free

First dibs on working spots for upcoming workshops

Things we can/do train: Rally and AKC obedience, Advanced obedience for other sports, parkour, dock diving (if our friend gets her pool back up by next summer), herding (if your dog qualifies), Barnhunt, disc (for fun, not really freestyle). 

You are not locked into a single sport!

Program runs from Jan 1 - Dec 30

This is just what I need! How do I apply?

If I already know you and your dog, simply reach out and ask if your dog qualifies.

If we have not met, call or email and we'll meet in person and discuss your goals.

Value: up to $9000

Cost: $2300

This program is open to 5 dogs per year 

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