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  • Form Follows Function Workshop

    Starts Feb 16, 2024

    65 US dollars

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  • A two day stock dog workshop with Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor

    Starts Feb 18, 2024

    100 US dollars

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  • This class is for those interested in stock work with a tending breed

    Started Sep 23

    160 US dollars
  • Like an Old Fashioned Summer Camp, only for adults, and in the spring

    Starts Apr 17, 2024


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  • Close to getting your CGC but need a bit of work? This is your class

    Started Sep 25

    120 US dollars
  • Join us on a fun-filled October adventure with your dog!

    15 min

    40 US dollars
  • Work with an AKC Judge to fix costly errors in rally

    Starts Oct 8

    125 US dollars

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  • Introduce your dog to look for anything.

    Starts Oct 3

    180 US dollars

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  • This drop-in class is a great opportunity to practice with distraction...

    2 hr

    25 US dollars
  • Begin building your relationship with your dog today!

    Starts Oct 11

    160 US dollars

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  • Private herding lessons at our Ranch

    1 hr

    60 US dollars
  • This is a one-day workshop for those who want to see if herding is for...

    160 US dollars
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