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Avoiding and Resolving Problems

We've all been there, the dog that suddenly can't remember it's name when anything more interesting presents itself, counter surfing, 'accidents' in the house, screaming like Cujo when they see another dog on a walk.

We got a dog to enjoy as a member of the family, not to lock away when company comes, avoid taking places, and worry about them destroying our house when we leave.

Many people get high-drive sports dog to do sports, but then find themselves unable to attend classes, embarrassed by their dog's behavior, or concerned that their fearful dog will never learn to enjoy life.

We can help with all of these issues and more!

Our programs are flexible to work within your schedule and level of involvement. 


This is our foundations program.

Does your dog take you for walks instead of the other way around? Do you find yourself embarrassed and yelling when guests arrive in a vain attempt to keep your dog from jumping, barking and acting insane?

Does your dog with simple commands, like 'come'? 

With this program your dog will learn to walk on leash instead of pulling, come when called, even stay calm when guests arrive.

We will teach you and your dog to communicate better. No more housebreaking 'oops' on the floor, no more garbage cans on counters. No more embarrassing encounters with people who just want to sy hi to your dog but find themselves knocked over and bum rushed by an over the top dingbat.

No more apologizing for your dog.

Call today for a free consultation and breed assessment




Do you want more from your dog? Did you have different expectations? 

Did you want a dog that didn't run from window to window barking all day? A dog that doesn't act insane on walks, barking and kubging and causing you to fear that they'll pull you over or worse yet, get loose and hurt or kill someone's beloved pet?

Dogs can be difficult sometimes, and we understand. We know how devastating getting bitten by your own dog can be - the sense of betrayal. We know what it's like to wonder if you should even keep trying or give up.

This program will give you back the dog that you wanted; the dog that you deserve, and your dog will be happier and better for it.

Did your dog kill your chickens (been there, done that!), bark at strangers? Is your dog an anxious mess, and you just want them to feel safer? 


This program addresses all of these issues and more.

Call today for a free consultation and breed assessment




You got your dog to have fun. Maybe you have some minor issues, maybe you have some major issues. No matter what, you want to get past them and have fun with your dog. Maybe you dreamed of doing  agility, or herding. Maybe you just love to take classes, and once your dog is better you'd like to explore a whole bunch of new sports.

We offer a one on one relationship with your dog offered nowhere else in Tucson. 

This is our best and biggest program, designed for the true dog lover who wants so much more for their dog than all the other trainers offer. This program will fix your dog's issues, and ensure that they have access to the best and most interesting classes available in Tucson - for free!

Want to put a performance title on your dog?this program will get you there. Want to try bikejoring, off-leash camping, disc, or most anything else?

This inclusive program is the program for your adventure dog!

Call today for a free consultation and breed assessment


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