Avoiding and Resolving Problems

We've all been there, the dog that suddenly can't remember it's name when anything more interesting presents itself, Gunter surfing, 'accidents' in the house, screaming like Cujo when they see another dog on a walk.

We got a dog to enjoy as a member of the family, not to lock away when company comes, avoid taking places, and worry about them destroying our house when we leave.

Many people get high-drive sports dog to do sports, but then find themselves unable to attend classes, embarrassed by their dog's behavior, or concerned that their fearful dog will never learn to enjoy life.

We can help with all of these issues and more!

Our programs are flexible to work within your schedule and level of involvement. From board and train* to in-home assistance, and drop-off days at our downtown location, we have a program that fits your needs.

Foundations Plus

This program covers everything you need to start your dog or puppy off right. This program will teach your pup how to hear you when you speak, will ensure that they listen regardless of whether or not you have treats in your hands, and will cover everything from house training, to counter surfing, jumping on you and guests, demand barking, loose leash walking coming when called and more...

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Anxious and Excitable Dogs

Does your dog carry on like a lunatic when they see other dogs or people? Are you worried you dog might bite someone? Is your dog shut down and afraid in new environments? Is your dog afraid of fireworks, or terrified when you leave the house? All of these are common problems for many types of dogs, and they can be incredibly frustrating!This program is designed to help you and your dog. It is extremely flexible and results-based. We don't stop training until you're happy.

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Sport Dog

You got your dog to have fun. Maybe you have some minor issues, maybe you have some major issues. No matter what, you want to get past them and have fun with your dog. Maybe you dreamed of doing  agility, or herding. Maybe you just love to take classes, and once your dog is better you'd like to explore a whole bunch of new sports.

This is our best and biggest program, designed for the true dog lover who wants so much more for their dog than all the other trainers offer. This program will fix your dog's issues, and ensure that they have access to the best and most interesting classes available in Tucson - for free!

Want to put a performance title on your dog?this program will get you there. Want to try bikejoring, off-leash camping, disc, or most anything else?

This inclusive program is the program for your adventure dog!

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