• Relationship

    The First Principle, and the last, is Relationship. Without a solid relationship, we cannot build our dog's best life.

    The pursuit of our dog's best life will strengthen and restore our relationship.

    Some relationships are easy, some urge us to become better people.

    The road to your dog's best life must travel through their relationships with their human family.

  • Relationship

    Relationship includes your dog's entire world. How our dogs respond to other family members can affect our relationships and erode trust.

    By training our dogs to treat their family members with loving kindness (or, at minimum, quiet disdain) We can begin to build peace into our relationship with our dog.

    All tension damages our relationship with our dog. We can teach your dog to be the calm in your chaotic day.

  • Relationship

    There is a beautiful dance that occurs when two beings begin to share the same language.

    We all know what it looks like.

    You can have that with your dog, and your dog can have that with you!

    A relationship means forming a bond of mutual understanding and a desire to strive together to meet mutual goals.

    Join us as we explore new great dog sports together!

  • Freedom

    The second Principle necessary for your dog's best life is Freedom.

    Freedom builds autonomy and autonomy builds confidence. Without the freedom to make decisions, your dog can never learn how to make them.

     We build freedom into every aspect of our dog's training.

  • Freedom

    Freedom teaches your dog peace. 

    Frustration causes disharmony and stress in our dogs and in us!

    By showing our dogs how to be responsible for their actions and allowing them the freedom to choose, we will find that your dog has a new inner calm that you never knew existed.

  • Freedom

    Freedom leads to confidence and calmness.

    When offered the option, most dogs would like to discover the world with their people, and spend their days living in harmony with their family. 

  • Confidence

    The Third Principle of your dog's best life is Confidence.

    A dog who walks in confidence is a dog free from worry.

    We will help your dog find the confidence to face daily challenges with courage and calm.

  • Instinct

    The Fourth Principle of your dog's best life is Instinct.

    Dogs have amazing skills built in! 

    They want to use those skills and show you how amazing they are! 

    Few things in the world are more stunning than watching a dog doing what they were bred to do.

  • Grit

    Grit is the fifth Principle of Your Dog's best life.


    Grit is what causes your dog to choose us over the environment. It is where self-control and calm are built.

    A dog with Grit overcomes adversity, shows courage in the face of fear, and shows restraint when temptations arise.

    Our dogs can learn Grit through training. 


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