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Online Training

Have you heard great things about our classes but you don't live in Tucson? Or maybe your schedule makes taking a five-week class impossible?

Great news!

We have moved several of our classes online.

These classes offer far more than short videos demonstrating perfect training with perfect dogs. These classes dive deep and tryouts will get a front row seat to every step of our training process.

Sign up risk free! If you don't love our content drop the class within the first 6 days and ask for your money back. We will return it, no issues.

Everyone learns differently, so our online courses offer written instructions and video demonstrations.

We encourage everyone who signs up for our online courses to join our private FB group so they can share their videos, ask questions, and talk directly to your instructor.

This is a class - a two-way communication between trainer and student. We will do everything that we can to help you and your dog find success. You are not buying a set of videos, or an e-book, you are buying a fully interactive experience designed to help you train your dog.

Through July all of our online courses are Discounted


Dog Camp Subscription

Remember the amazing and immersive feel of camps in your youth?  This subscription service was created with that in mind. We will cover dog behavior, psychology, training videos, problem solving, genetics, health and welfare, really, everything dog. We will visit the absolute basics of owning a dog, all the way to crazy deep dives into a whole slew of fascinating topics.

This subscription offers you the opportunity to soak in knowledge at your own pace. A mixture of video and articles, you will learn in the manner that best suits you.

The first month is free, and covers such things as understanding marker cues, dealing with dogs that lose their minds when someone is at the door, orientation games, what we know about emotions in dogs, genetics of your favorite breed, and much, much more! 



Good-Dog Level-one

This class is presented in conjunction with the folks at The School of Canine Science out of the UK. 

This class offers day-by-day skills to help your puppy or new dog succeed in the real world. Good Dog Level one is the perfect foundation for any dog, and includes necessary skills such as loose leash walking, coming when called, fun tricks, how to teach your dog to play fetch, and so much more!


Good Dog Level One is presented in easy to understand video segments (no reading!) by one of the most well-respected online training venues in the world!



Your Best Trained Dog

Does your dog know sit, and down, but seemingly nothing else? Can get behaviors but only if you have a treat? Does your dog still jump on people and pull on the leash? Do you need some basics, but want a class that goes further?

This is your class! 

We will cover everything your dog knows, and teach you how to stop bribing your dog! We will teach a bomb-proof recall that will blow your socks off. We will also introduce heel, advanced stays, pivots, formal front, and more.

This class could be the only class your dog ever needs!

Five-week Class


IMG_2721 2.JPG

Anxiety workshop

Coming Soon

Our most popular workshop will be available online.

During this workshop we address the signs of anxiety, the purpose it serves, and how to alleviate it in our pets.

This workshop is usually offered every other month and sells out almost every time.

The common concern pet owners report is anxiety -related behaviors: Lunging and barking at strange dogs and people, fearful of strangers, barking incessantly in the house, fear of new places or situation, noise phobias.

All of these examples relate to our dog's inability to cope with their environment.

This workshop is an exploration of how we diagnose fear, and the tools that we use in the training setting to begin to address fear.


Coming Soon

Boredom Busters For Indoor Dogs

Do you have an active puppy or adult dog that needs something to do, but for whatever reason can't get the exercise outside that they need?

No worries!

This class has you covered! This class incorporates food puzzles and games, interactive games, exercises for small spaces, confidence work, and so much more.

This class is chock full of ideas, suggestions, videos, explanations, opportunities to understand your dog better, and more!

Five-week class with countless ways to keep your busy dog occupied.


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