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Puppy Class

Yay!! You got a puppy!!

Now what?

Puppy class offers the required socialization within the age-appropriate window to ensure that your puppy grows into a well-adjusted, confident, and healthy dog.

Every puppy should attend puppy class. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has a position paper stating the necessity of safe, varied, appropriate puppy socialization prior to full vaccination. (See position paper here).

Socialization is your puppy seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing a myriad of new things and experiences prior to five months of age. Not only must your puppy experience these things, but your puppy must experience them from a feeling of safety and confidence. 

In our class, your puppy will learn the basic behaviors required of most dogs (sit, down, loose leash walking, come, etc...) and we will also discuss chewing, jumping, biting, crying, potty and crate training, and more. We will discuss how dogs learn what they do, and what we can do, now and in the future to address habits, both good and bad.

Your puppy will be allowed to play under supervision with puppies with similar play styles, and you will teach your puppy that walking down the street isn't the time to lunge and scream and bark at other dogs.

At this time we have no Puppy Classes scheduled at this time (you can request a class below) - we do, however, have a Basic Skills Class beginning August 1 and while not puppy specific, we cover much of the same information, and in most cases we will have other puppies in the class with whom your puppy may play (our last Basic Skills class had four puppies) You can learn more or sign up for this class HERE

We offer puppy classes by request only. A single puppy/owner can request a puppy class on a Tuesday or Thursday Evening (usually 7, but the person requesting the class can choose whichever time works for them - 6, 7, or 8 pm). To request a weekend day it would take two puppies/owners committing to that day. It takes about 2-4 weeks to put together a class, based on current scheduling.

If your are interested in requesting a puppy class you can fill out the contact form - Please provide a phone number, because I think half my return emails end up in spam folders.

Thank you for your interest, and congratulations on your new puppy!!

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