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The Stick

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Billy: Hi, Little dog, I see you haz a stick

Tagg: I do, I found it. It's my stick

Billy: I just want to see it.

Tagg: no!

Billy: I just want to see it

Tagg: no

Billy: Maybe it's my stick

Tagg: It's not your stick. It's my stick!

Billy: let me see

Tagg: No!

Bill: Here, I'll just look at this end

Tagg: my stick!

Billy: It's a nice stick

Tagg: Hey! How did you do that? It's my stick!

Billy: I think it's my stick

Tagg: It's my stick!

Tagg: I want my stick!

Billy: I think I'll take my stick over here

Tagg: My stick! My Stick! Gimme my stick.

Billy: Little dog, I'm pretty certain this is my stick

Tagg: I can see it! Its my stick!

Billy: I'm pretty certain I've had it all along

Tagg: Gimme my stick!

Billy: I'm trying to be polite here, kid, this is my stick. Maybe you lost your stick somewhere...?

Billy: How about if I stand up and we can look for it together?

Tagg: We don't need to look for it! Its in your mouth!

Tagg: why would you steal a puppy's stick?

Billy: this is my stick

Tagg: it was my stick!!

Billy: Look kid, I helped you look. Now I just want to lay here and chew my stick

Tagg: My stick!

Billy: You lost your stick. This is my stick

Tagg: I see it quite clearly. That is my stick

Billy: Nuh-uh

Tagg: Yes-huh!

Billy: I'm taking my stick and I'm leaving! This puppy is insufferable!

Tagg: My stick!

Billy: Really, with this again? Clearly it's my stick. It's in my mouth!

Tagg: Now it's in my mouth too!

Billy: I'm leaving. Taking my stick with me

Tagg: See? In my mouth! My stick!

Billy: Huh... Looks kinda like a stick I had just a second ago.

Tagg: nope. Mine!

Billy: Hey, mom, have you seen a little stick anywhere around here? I lost mine.

Me: Nope, sorry Bill.

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