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Tagg's Trip to the Big City

Look at all the tall buildings!! And a train thing went by!

I got to go to a place called the Big City! It was really fun! When Mom told me that I was going, I got all excited even though I don't know what a Big City is because I like adventures! I asked if Billy was going, but mom says Billy doesn't like car rides.

I begged Billy to go with me!

Billy says the underside of a car is the only good part!

She said 'no'.

Anyway, first we had to drive FOR-EVER!! It took like 100 hours! But I had stuff to do, and I was tired from playing all morning, so I slept most of the way.

When we got to the Big City, Mom put a little string on my collar and said I had to wear it in the Big City. I didn't think I'd like the string, but it turns out Mom follows me just fine without it, and I hardly even needed it to keep her close!

There were loud cars. I didn't like them. There were tall buildings everywhere!! There were little chickens, but they could fly!!There were no sheep - Maybe we went to the wrong part of the Big City for sheep.

The house was above the ground and I got there by going in a little box that moved, but didn't. I don't know if I really liked that part - but I took careful notes, so I could tell Billy all about it when I got home!!

The floors in the sky-house were soft!! I really liked them! I tried a couple of times to eat them, but they only fuzzed up my mouth, and I don't know if I can even take a fluffy floor home.

Unlike the floors in the Sky-House, the ones outside were boring!! They were flat! They had AMAZING sniffs though! There must be a hundred different dogs in the Big City!!

Mom brought all of my toys, but I was a Big City Dog now, and I wanted Big City Toys!

I love newspapers!

What a great toy!!

I really liked the toy! Every time I shredded it, mom found a new one all balled up, and I got to shred that one! They were endless!!

The next morning Mom took me to a store full of cool things just for me! Even though I had to hear scary cars before I went in, I walked right in the door with mom on her string! There were boxes and boxes of wonderful things!!

I found great smells! Mom said I could eat the great smells later! She brought them with, and we explored the store together!

I looked in boxes:

This was a great box! I found a cool toy in here!

And more boxes:

I really didn't like this toy as much, but I looked through the whole box anyways!

It was so fun!!!

I met the lady behind the counter when mom got my stuff! I liked her a lot!! She scritched my tummy!! I love that!!

We got back in Mom's car for the 100 hour trip home, but I got to play with my new toys and chew on my new stinky chew the whole way!!

Mom bought me this collar - she says I'm not supposed to eat it

I had a lot of fun in the Big City!! Billy listened to all of my stories, and I don't think she believed me! I'm glad I got to go by myself, that way I could tell Billy all my stories when I got home, and she could tell me all of hers!!

I'm telling Billy all about the Big City!!

I had so much fun!! But, I'm glad I'm home!!

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