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Pay Attention to March 4th

What's so great about March 4th? It's 63 days after January 1. Why does that matter? Because it takes 63 days to make a habit. That's right, if you want to change a habit, and you chose January 1st as your start date, then by March 4th that habit should be well and truly cemented into place.

How does this affect your dog training? Maybe you want to train every day, well, start January 1st, and work at training every day, and then on March 4th it won't be work any more, it will just be something you do, like brushing your teeth or stopping for coffee!

Want a better relationship with your dog? Every day before bed write down something about your dog that you love. Make seeking the joy part of your life. Make positivity a habit. By March 4th I promise, you will see your dog, and the relationship you have with your dog in a whole new light!

Dogs form habits too! We often think that we can end these habits in a weekend if we try super hard, and then when that fails we blame ourselves or we blame our dogs, when in reality it is the power of our brains to create and maintain habits that is thwarting your efforts! Instead of trying to eradicate an old habit, put another in its place, and work on it for 63 days.

Just 63 days. A tad over two months. The time it can take to go from today's reality to tomorrow's dream.

Want to join in? If you're a client or former client, join our Alumni Group on FB and we'll be there for the first 63 days of the year helping you succeed with your dog. Not a student or former student? No worries, follow our page on Facebook and we'll help you along with reminders and tips to keep you feeling good about the change you're making.

Change is hard. People hate to hear that. They want change to come easy. But we all know that the only meaningful way to build long-term, meaningful change is to do the hard work and make it happen!

For the first 63 days of January I will train Matilda and Tagg every day towards their goals. I will work Tagg and Cody every available day on sheep or geese, and I will practice throwing the disc so poor Ruby has a partner somewhat equal to her skills.

What will you do?

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