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Hi! My Name's Miltilda, and Here's My Story...

We want to Welcome Matilda to the ranch! At six months old she's already had a great life. She has a lovely breeder who set her up with a fantastic human mom, who took her to classes, began teaching her agility, and even let her chase sheep a few times.

Nothing stops Matilda!

Her human mom, on the other hand had some terrible news that led her to the regrettable decision that Matilda would be better off living elsewhere. We know how much this much this has pained Matilda's mom, and our heart goes out to her.

Matilda is a special kind of puppy already, bold and enthusiastic, and a bit of a brat (just how we love them!!!). We appreciate the strength necessary for Matilda's mom to let such a keen little girl go.

As for us, the second Matilda's mom reached out to us, we knew we would welcome Matilda into the family. She will join all the rest of the crew, and her adventures will play out here at the ranch.

We thought it might be fun to have everyone join in her journey, here and on Facebook, as we learn together what Matilda has to offer, her challenges, and her triumphs. We want to encourage everyone to follow this little munchkin as she she explores the ranch, meets the dogs, discovers the sheep, and more!

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