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Yay! We're Open!!

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Finally! The keys are in hand, the paint is dry(ing), and the floors are en route! Squirrel! Dog Training will be up and running again the second week of November! New classes are on the schedule!

Peak Dog Training will be leasing space from The Dog Spot, located at 5001 E. 29th St in Tucson. The Dog Spot's Grand opening will be October 27th, so I hope everyone will be able to come out for that (look for details here and on Facebook).

The Dog Spot puppy
Tagg helps paint at The Dog Spot

I want to thank everyone for their patience!

Barn Hunt here at the Ranch is going well in spite of some much needed, but ill-timed rain, and Novice Stock Dog is back on the schedule after a visit from hurricane Rosa delayed the start date a bit.

Herding class in Tucson
The round pen was a bit too damp for herding

Barn hunt class tucson
Aggie Rose looks for the rats while Storm looks on

We will start slowly at The Dog Spot, with Sunrise Gym, Great Dog (beginner/intermediate), Super Dog (Intermediate/Advanced), and Canine Good Citizen.

Start dates: Beginner Stock Dog will begin Saturday, October 20th at 9 am, at the Empire Ridge Ranch location in Vail, AZ. The Ranch's address is not listed because GPS doesn't take you to the ranch, if you wish to join out beginner Stock Dog Class please contact me at (520) 940-4453

Sunrise Dog Gym will start at the Tucson Location (5001 E. 29th Street), and will run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am. This is a drop in class ($15), so if you're coming for the first time, please call ahead to ensure that class hasn't been cancelled. The start date for Sunrise Dog Gym will be Wednesday November 7th.

Shy dog gym tucson
Confidence in puppies and adult dogs can be built using positive reinforcement!

Puppies will enjoySunrise Dog Gym and are welcome!(they are all Tagg approved!)

Great Dog is where we begin. November 13th at 6 pm. This class will teach both dogs and handlers life skills, and build a bond of trust and a strong working relationship. This is the basic class for puppies and dogs just beginning their training journey! We are looking forward to a fun and energizing format for this class!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Class - this is for those dogs who have taken the prerequisites required to set them up to take the AKC CGC. Dogs must have basic leash safe around other dogs and people, know basic commands and have an understanding of heel work. This is a 5 week preparatory class and we will do the test on the 6th week. This class begins Tuesday November 13th at the Tucson Location at 8 pm.

We were hoping to have a Rally - O class to prepare for the fall shows, but the timing wasn't right. We will likely do drop in rally - O prep classes on Thursdays - stay tuned.

Once we know the neighborhood a bit better, we may do some fun stuff like Parkour in the Park - or maybe, we'll have a fun day up here on the ranch - Rampaging on the Ranch. Billy is also Psyched to begin building her Farm Dog Agility course once the rats have moved out of her straw bales. I've been a bit busy, and I let that fall to the wayside, but she is laser focused on getting Farm Dog Agility off the ground.

farm dog agility class tucson
Billy claims 'her' bales for farm dog agility

All is well, and we are looking forward to fun new adventures with our dogs, and all the dogs in our extended community!

We are pleased with The Dog Spot, and we are looking forward to seeing it grow. I will be offering several talks at The Dog Spot in the coming months, and I will link to their website once it is up (baby steps!).

Fall is in the air, cooler temps are around the corner! It's time to go out and have adventures with our dogs. We at Squirrel! Dog Training and Empire Ridge Ranch, are thrilled that the past two months are behind us, and we will soon be a part of Tucson's newest and best Dog Training Facility!!

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