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USBCHA Time and Points Trial - A Cartoon Strip

This is the course. What follows is what really happened.

To understand what you're seeing, you are the handler. You stand at the H at the bottom. You look out over a horse arena at a small group of three sheep. Your dog starts at your feet and drives the sheep through the pattern as illustrated.

The dots are barrels, the lines are gates stood up. The last is a pen. I can leave the H and go to the pen to help at the end.

I have five minutes to put the sheep on the correct side of each barrel. You cannot move on until at least one sheep has passed that barrel correctly.


Me: Cody, you see those sheep?

Cody: Yep! Mom!!

Me: Could you go to them, but stop short and turn them a bit.

Cody: Sheep! Sheep! Sheep!

Me: Go

Cody" Sheep!!

Me: Stop now

Cody: I bring the sheeps to mom!

Me: Turn the sheep, Cody, Turn!

Cody: Bringing the sheeps to my mom!

Me: Stop! Turn the sheep! Turn them!

Cody: I brought you the sheeps mom! I'm the bestest ever! Where do you want them now?

Me: I need them all the way back where you found them

Cody: Yep! I can do that because I'm the bestest girl! Taking the sheeps to the other end! Love sheeps! This is so fun!

Me: Turn Cody, turn right there.

Cody: Yep, turning! I turned the sheeps! Look there's my mom!

Me: I need you to turn them again

Cody: These sheeps belong to my mom, I should take them to her!

Me: No!! Stop! Turn! Cody! Turn the sheep!

Cody: Taking the sheeps to my mom!

Me; No! Stop! Turn the sheep, Cody!

Cody: Look mom! I found these sheep at the other end of the arena and thought you's want them. Can I take them somewhere else for you?

Me: Yes, my beautiful little red dog, can you take them back to where you found them?

Cody: Yay! Moving the sheeps! Taking them all the way to the other end of the arena!

Me: Turn them now Cody, Turn them around the barrel!

Cody: I'm turning them, I'm the best dog! I like turning sheeps!

Me: keep going

Cody: Mom! I see my mom! I should bring her these sheeps I just turned!

Me: NO!! For the love of god, NO! Stop! Do not - NOT - bring me those sheep! Take them to the other barrel!

Cody: I brought you some sheeps mom!

Me: Yes, I see that

Cody: Do you need me to move them anywhere? I'm really good at moving them mom!