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Ruby and Bubbles

After much thought, Ruby's owner has decided that rehoming Ruby and Bubbles is in the best interests of both dogs. We support her in this decision, and understand how hard coming to this decision must have been, and our hearts go out to her at this time of profound loss.

Bubbles will be offered up for adoption, and we are reaching out to Akita rescue to find him an appropriate home. He is a friendly goober who wants to live in a busy family who will love him and appreciate his great sense of humor. If you are interested in Bubbles, for the time-being (until he is in the hands of Akita Rescue) you can contact us here at the ranch.

After careful consideration we have decided to keep Ruby. Ruby is an exceptionally high-drive dog with some fear issues, but she also has tons of potential. Training her is both a joy and a challenge, and we look forward to a fun future filled with this little sprite!

Ruby attacks everything with boundless enthusiasm. She is a bright little hooligan, and her free spirit is a welcome counterpoint to the focused energy of the border collies. She's quick and smart, and training her has already been a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for ongoing Ruby adventures. Welcome Ruby!

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