What We Offer:

Positive, Reward-based, efficient, effective training that both dogs and humans love!

Classes -- Drop-off Day Training -- In-person Training -- Touchless Drop-off Training --Online Training Courses -- Herding 





Enjoyable, informative classes for beginners and puppies through advanced. We specialize in ensuring that owners have a strong foundation in understanding why their dogs do the things that they do, and how they can work to effectively change unwanted and build desired behaviors.

Beginner * Puppy * Advanced * Canine Good Citizen * Canine Parkour * Barn Hunt * Tricks *Fun Classes * Stock Dog Mini Camp (herding)

Behavior Modification:

Drop-off Day Training (our most popular option!):


Drop off in the morning, we'll train your dog while you work, and send updates and videos of progress, then pick up in the evening. It's that simple! In the evening we'll go over what was taught and how you can continue the work until our next appointment. This is a great alternative to the cost and stress of board and trains where you do not see your dog for weeks at a time.

One-on-one private training:


We will train the dog in front of you and go over what we are doing. This is a less efficient method than drop off day training because many dogs can only tolerate short training sessions, but some issues respond better to this method.

Specialized Options:

Touchless Drop-off Training:


During the pandemic we want to offer owners the opportunity to get professional training to address and teach simple behaviors without the inconvenience and expense of other programs. This is offered as a four-week training course where you get to choose what we train. You drop off your dog in short 4 hour blocks. 

Online Dog Training: 


We offer in-depth, fully comprehensive online dog training courses for you and your dog. Designed just like our in-person classes, but featuring a lot more depth, these classes offer everything our in-person classes offer and more, once you have taken the class, the material can be fully accessed by you for as long as you wish. We include access to a price Facebook Group where you may post videos, ask for help, and receive feedback.



We offer stock dog training at our ranch southeast of Tucson during the cooler months. Classes are one-on-one or you may drop off your dog for a few days of intensive training.

All of our training adheres to a Rewards-based system, and the Five Principles of Your Dog's Best Life:

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