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You got your dog to have fun, so why aren't you having any?

Does your dog pull, bark and carry on on walks, act like a wild animal when guests arrive?

Do you worry that your dog may bite someone, or have they already?

Are you too embarrassed by your dog's behavior to have guests over? 

Did you get a high energy, 'easy to train' dog breed, and now don't know where to put your dog's energy?

We get it! We love dogs, but sometimes, their behavior makes things hard!

Text, call, or drop us an email and let's chat about your dog.

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"Liane is a wonderful trainer of both dogs and humans"

"she uses positive approaches that bring a dog to their best level on a wide variety of efforts. My red Heeler, Pele has benefitted enormously from Liane's positive approach to training"

-- Peg Abrams


"Working with Liane has completely transformed my relationship with Charlie."

"He's grown from a scared, reactive rescue to a confident, happy companion. The entire training process has been fun, and confidence inspiring for both myself and Charlie

-- Dace Raven


"I wish I had met Liane sooner on my dog training journey."

"She is the reason my youngest dog is able to have a full and functioning life! I will forever be grateful for her faith and hard work that took a scared, shut-down dog into a confident and happy boy!"

--Alicia Dewitt


“Liane has been such a lifesaver! Two years ago I was strongly considering giving my beloved pup up..."

"I was having so many issues with him. I started working with Liane for herding and Ryder is a completely different dog. I've learned how to handle him... She'll shoot it to you straight, which I absolutely love! Highly recommend.

-- Cela Leaño

Liane is a Certified Veterinary Technician, AKC CGC Evaluator, AKC Farm Dog Judge, she has been featured in articles in DVM360 (veterinary publication), Sierra Vista Herald, Yahoo News,, and more. (See complete list here)
Listen to Liane on the Podcast Your Dog's Best Life wherever you listen to podcasts. (Listen Here)

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