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Touchless Drop-off Training

During this time of heightened awareness of disease transmission we are offering a touchless drop-off service for basic and advanced training. In an effort to make the program both flexible and cost-effective we have created a point system to help owners prioritize their time.

We will set a crate just inside the entrance (one doorknob!), and ask you to leave your dog in the  crate and take your leash. We will be in the building and we can talk form an appropriate distance if desired, Then I will use my leash to handle your dog for training. Right before your allocated pick-up time, I will replace your dog into the crate and remove my leash, allowing for a seamless, safe transfer. I will video the training and send them so that you know how to work your dog in the time between classes. Owners are always encouraged to send videos of their dogs doing work to ask for clarification and ensure that they are doing everything right. Your success is our goal!

What we train is up to you (excluding complex behavioral problems which will continue to require full-day drop-off or in-person private work). We are offering this service to accomodate the needs of pet owners whose dogs need basic work but cannot attend classes now due to safety concerns.

The class runs in four-our blocks with drop-off and pick up times to fit your schedule. We will train the behavior, videotape a short demonstration of how to continue training it yourself during the week, and revisit the behavior the following week to ensure that it is understood.

Do to the varying difficulty of different behaviors to train, and for the dog to understand, we have broken behaviors into a three-tier system. This way if you need simple behaviors (sit, touch, stand, etc...) you can get most if not all of them completed within the four weeks. More complex behaviors (high quality heel work, loose leash walking, advanced stays and recalls) take longer, and therefore we will want to focus more heavily on these types of behaviors at the expense of less complex behaviors.

Each four week block costs $250 and is allocated 12 points.

Each of the following behaviors is one point: Go to Crate, General Crate Training, Sit, Down, Stand, wait at door, name recognition, eye contact (watch me or orientation games), hand touch, basic tricks, introduction to nail traits (easy)

Each of the following behaviors is allocated 3 points: Place, recall (basic), Stay (basic), Carpet mill, Drive building, fetch (with a release command), Leave it, That'll do, drop it

Each of the following behaviors is allocated 4 points: Loose leash walking, focus work, confidence work, heeling, exercise/play, impulse control, recall (distractions), Stay (distractions), Jumping up on people, nail trims (difficult).

During your dog's time with us, they will receive focused, results-based training designed to meet your needs. 

If something is not listed feel free to contact me and we will discuss it. 

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