Anxious and Excitable Dogs

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  • 1 hour
  • 2,275 US dollars
  • East 29th Street

Service Description

Having an anxious, excitable, fearful or reactive dog can be exhausting! This program is designed to help your dog learn better methods to deal with their fear and anxiety, and better ways to work through their emotions. Building courage, resilience, and impulse control takes time, and often when training classes go on month after month it seems like that time is interminable and the results are thousands of dollars away. This is why we designed this program. We want to give your dog every opportunity to thrive no matter how long it takes. That's right! We're not counting the hours, we're only looking at success! We know that you want a dog that can handle public experiences without hiding, shaking, lunging, barking, or growling. We know you want a dog that can cope with jets, cars, skateboards, and the trash collector. We know you'd like a dog that doesn't spend their dog running and barking out windows, or hiding every time there's a weird noise outside. We know because we've had these dogs! We have a dog that used to bark and carry on like Cujo if she saw a dog from any distance! We have a dog that heard a clicker and fled for 15 minutes. Both off these dogs have competed in dog shows and herding trials. Both dogs can be introduced safely to new places and new people and dogs without incident. With this Program we offer training sessions at the location that best suits your dog's needs. At your house we can address specific issues that arise in the home, such as aggression towards people or other dogs, excessive barking, etc. and set up management strategies to help your dog cope with life events such as thunderstorms or fireworks. At our location we can work on leash reactivity, create resilience courses, and challenge obstacles, train coping behaviors, and more. At the park across form our location we an work on dogs that act aggressive or protective on leash. Once we have achieved a calmer, happier, easier dog, we will be available for any issues that come up in the future. We know the best way forward for these dogs is to provide assistance now, and as circumstances evolve. We will be there throughout your dog's journey. Program Cost: $2275

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