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Barnhunt, Rat-Games, Urban Critter Hunt: Whatever you call it, the premise is the same; Find the rats!

Dogs love barn hunt in all its forms. They love finding our happy safe rats; they love climbing through hay bales or snooping through boxes. Barnhunt provides an instinctual outlet for any breed of dog. One of my border collies cannot get enough of the rats!

We offer Urban Critter Hunt, a made-up rat game that ditches the hot outdoors for air-conditioned comfort, and exchanges the straw bales for boxes and other random items. The rats are the same, and so are their comfy safe tubes. We usually offer a shorty Urban Barn Hunt class in December to squeeze in some dog fun between the holidays. If we have interest we could also put a short UCH class on the calendar in August (probably a 3 week class)

We do real Barnhunt at the ranch southeast of the city. We will be offering a beginner class, as well as an advanced class in the fall. The advanced class will coincide with a Rat Games League, and we will hopefully be able to participate now that we have competition in Idaho with big bales like we have here (The Rat Games folks are running their summer league now, and will contact us before the fall league starts, so we'll have a better idea then).

If you are interested in any of these sports, please drop us a note (with phone number please - we think our emails end up in spam folders), and tell us which class you're interested in. Barnhunt classes are held on Saturday mornings, and UCH is held in town in the evenings on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

We are looking forward to some great rat hunting this fall once it cools down! If you want us to tell you when we will be offering these classes, please contact us, so the we can keep you in the loop.

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