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Private Training

We offer several options for problem behaviors and private training for your convenience.

Drop-off Day Training

Our most popular option. After our initial in-person consult we schedule a drop off time and you drop off your dog. I train your dog during the day, and in the evening our pick up and we go over what has been trained and what work is required of you prior to the next drop-off day. This is our fastest and most convenient method of training because we are able to address concerns in the multiple 15-20 minute training sessions that most dogs prefer.

Because we get to see the dog without the owner we can examine underlying issues faster and begin to address those while the owner gets to see immediate progress, and is presented with a clear path forward.

We utilize positive, reward-based methods in our training. We are able to quickly implement reward and choice-based training models to accelerate our dog's understanding of desired behaviors, and engage their desire to perform those behaviors reliably and with enthusiasm.

During the drop-off period we will build your dog's desire to work for rewards, begin addressing underlying emotional problems that drive behavior, and begin to address the behavior itself.

You may choose to drop off as often as you wish. We want this option to be as flexible to our pet parents as it is enjoyable to our dogs.

Current costs are found on our Services Page. Dog must be assessed prior to drop-off unless we have agreed to another alternative.

In-Person Private Training

This method is best for non-behavior cases, or simple issues. We can also do in-person training for any of our classes or any other behaviors that you may want to teach your dog. This is a flexible option for folks unable to make regular classes, for dog-dog reactive dogs that cannot attend classes, and other singular situations. 

Prices vary depending on the case and scheduled time. Contact the trainer first for a free assessment.

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