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Canine Parkour is a dog sport that uses the found environment as a gymnasium and playground.  We offer several parkour options, beginner and advanced, as well as parkour in the park. Your dog will love learning to see the world as a playground. We focus on safety, enthusiasm, balance, and courage. Your dog will gain strength and confidence as the obstacles become more difficult. 

Dogs progress at their own speed, and parkour will build balance and confidence in dogs.

Owners also love parkour, because once mastered, boring dog walks become a thing of the past.

If you are interested in learning more about parkour or wish to join a future class, please contact us and we will happily keep you informed about future class dates. If you and a friend wish to request a parkour class we will be happy to put one on the schedule (we do require two teams to request a class)

Thank you for your interest.

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